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Engineering Innovation

Ennovara bridges the gap between program design and implementation with a commitment to engineering innovation. Our firm is highly recognized for design expertise, research, evaluation and technical qualitative and quantitative analysis. Learn More.


Demand Management

Demand management programs are an essential part of a well-balanced energy system. These programs are implemented by electric system planners and operators as dispatchable resource options for balancing supply and demand. Our team of experts provide strategic planning, business case development, enabling technology assessment, smart grid integration, load impacts analysis and program evaluation.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is good for business, great for people and excellent for our planet. We offer a broad range of services and expertise to utilities and organizations that wish to increase their energy efficiency portfolio of programs and policies through cost-effective strategies. Through our innovative solutions and drive to stay on the leading edge of new approaches and mechanisms delivering energy efficiency opportunities, we are proud to be among the leading firms with such competence and experience.


Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation

Electric generation and distribution systems are entering a new era driven by innovation and an increasing penetration of distributed resources. For utilities, grid stability is one of their most important objectives when considering massive amounts of renewable energy sources on the grid. There is an advanced smart grid infrastructure to be built, involving energy storage, communications and data analysis. We undertake these challenges to facilitate the effective and efficient integration of distributed energy resources and maximize the benefits of this transformation.