Vision + Innovation + Results


Ennovara is a boutique engineering services company with a rich history of providing customers with accurate results when they need it.


About Us

Ennovara provides clients with consulting and engineering insights and capabilities that increase their potential to achieve cost-effective results in a timely manner. Since our founding in 2010, Ennovara's primary objective has been the establishment of close working relationships with core utility clients, built on trust and respect. Now, more than six years later, we still deliver engineering services and maintain close working relationships with our core utility clients. We are privileged to serve our clients and proud of the work we have accomplished together.

Our unique and talented group of engineers consolidates over 80 years of Energy & Utility industry experience and the capacity to deliver the full range of professional engineering services. These encompass research and development (R&D), technical feasibility studies, site audits, site selection, design and engineering, procurement, project implementation, inspection, quality control, technical report writing, and personnel training.

Our mission is to provide engineering services and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients' needs in an innovative, cost effective, safe, and professional manner. We will achieve this mission by upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards to ensure client satisfaction.


Ennovara has maintained its status and reputation by continuous promotion of our core values:

  • Excellence.

    We apply state-of-the-art engineering principles and technologies while seeking innovation and improvement. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment.
  • Ethics.

    Enduring commitment to professional ethical standards is deeply ingrained in every professional conduct and business action undertaken by all Ennovara staff members. Moral accountability is the backbone of our firm's operations.
  • Sustainability.

    We are committed to using innovative green business practices and to promoting the welfare of our natural ecosystem. We draw on advances in science and technology to protect human health and the environment while empowering continued growth.
  • Mutual Respect.

    Transparency, teamwork, and trust are the main constituents of our track record of outstanding performance. Our greatest asset is a corporate culture that cultivates a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and views.
  • Social Responsibility.

    Solidly ingrained in our corporate culture is an ongoing interest to foster active growth and development within our local community.
  • Client Satisfaction.

    We delight our clients by exceeding their expectations. Through clear, concise and timely communication, we pride ourselves on effectively representing the interests of our clients. We constantly ask ourselves, "How can we better serve our client?"

Senior Management

Hector Dominguez, P.E.

Founder & Principal Consulting Engineer

Hector Dominguez is the founder of Ennovara and its principal technical lead, overseeing several multidisciplinary hardware and software engineering teams. He is responsible for the daily leadership and overall direction of the company. For over 20 years Mr. Dominguez has developed his skill set and visionary capacity in energy project development, design, engineering, implementation and strategic planning services for the Utility industry. Hector brings an in-depth technical and integrated resource planning knowledge on energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage and distributed energy programs. He understands the challenges facing the utility industry and can match the Utility's needs with fit technology solutions.

In support to his commitment for a sustainable planet, Hector has interests in designing and developing innovative smart sensor technologies and optimization controls for energy conservation in residential and commercial applications, bringing conceptual designs from a white board draft to real-life fruition through strong analytical and engineering led processes.

Steve Hofer, MBA, CEM

Senior Project Manager

Steve Hofer brings over 20 years of diverse project management expertise having lead the management of large housing projects and utility DSM programs including EnergyStar new homes, weatherization, pool pumps, HVAC, commercial lighting and renewables. Steve is well-versed in all aspects of successful business operations, marketing and personnel management and utilizes these skills every day to creatively adapt and provide leadership on behalf of our clients. Earlier on his career, Steve worked as a Program Manager for a large consulting firm, where he managed multiple utility sponsored energy efficiency programs that consistently exceeded company goals and client satisfaction metrics while achieving results within approved financial program budgets.

Justin Williams, CMVP, CEM

Senior Project Engineer

Justin Williams boasts over 10 years of experience testing, evaluating and implementing advanced demand side management (DSM), flexible demand response, smart metering and distributed generation technologies. Justin brings in-depth knowledge of major utility load management and HAN platforms including Carrier CCM, Cooper Wisewatts, CSE LMS, Ecofactor InSite, Comverge LMS and Ecobee LMS and has supported the installation, commissioning, and operations and maintenance of among the first residential Sunverge SIS and Tesla Powerwall energy storage systems in Nevada.

As a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, Justin's expertise with measurement and verification standards includes the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). He is responsible for M&V activities through the application of appropriate statistical and load research techniques to measure and verify load reduction impacts resulting during demand response events from residential and commercial programs.

Myong Holl

Senior Software Engineer

Myong Holl is an experienced software engineer with over 15 years of database and web development including over a decade developing web services and applications for the utility industry. Myong is responsible for rapid application development and product prototyping using microcontrollers and embedded systems as well as developing data analytics software solutions for clients. She has developed applications for automating data entry, billing and meter data analysis, as well as building assessments, home battery performance reporting, and thermostat performance reporting. Other projects include installing, customizing, and maintaining open-source OpenADR 2.0 VTN cloud servers for the testing and evaluation of demand response enabling technologies.

Greg Weir, MCSA

Senior Test Engineer

Greg Weir spearheads our product and software quality assurance teams. Greg brings over 12 years of experience in software design, development, implementation and debugging employing off-the-shelve and custom testing tools for mission-critical applications in government, financial, educational, gaming and utility industries. His areas of expertise include QC methodologies, quality assurance life cycle and defect management life cycle along with proven technical abilities organizing and implementing white and black box tests plans and requirements analysis. Greg is well versed in GUI application testing, back-end testing, database testing, front-end testing, functional testing, system testing, trans-browser testing, load testing on client-server applications, stand alone, and web-based applications with multiple server domains.

Greg is actively engaged in supporting utility-grade corporate applications hosting demand response management systems. His responsibilities include utilization of SOAPUI Pro software in testing APIs and data cleanup efforts; HP Quality Center software application for creating test plans, test cases and defect tracking, SQL Developer for backend data validation, and creating SQL scripts designed for batch processing for data extraction, transformation and loading processes.